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The mission of BodyMAX is to provide an environment where athletes and patients can train and recover to achieve their dreams, not just their potential. We will assist you to maximize your health and guide you to reach beyond your ability in developing a life-long love for fitness and wellness.

BodyMAX - the name says it all.

It's more than just physical therapy, because we do more than just rehabilitate injuries. Treatment is based on a partnership - between you and your therapist. Between leading-edge technology and traditional, hands-on care.

BodyMAX Physical Therapy and Sports Training is the Bay Area's authority in sports performance training. Our mission is to provide individual athletes with all of the necessary physical and mental tools they require to perform at peak levels during the most critical times during their sports year.

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Physical Therapy & Sports Training: 6668 Owens Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588, 925-621-2200
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