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ACL Bridge Programs

Laberal tears in throwing sports

Chronic patella pain in running athletes

Early return to play for ankle sprains

Neck and low back sprain and disc related injuries realted to contact sports

Bridging the gap between the "rehab-athlete" and the "competitive-athlete" is one of the most challenging periods in an athlete's return to the playing field.  At BodyMAX, we have mastered this process. Our professionals are experts in transitioning athletes from the physical therapy sessions into their strenuous training sessions with our exercise specialists.  Our clinic is designed to "wean" the athlete out of hands-on treatment into the sports performance programs in our downstairs state-of-the-art training facility. All BodyMAX professionals are in daily communication to meet the needs of the recovering athlete both physically and psychologically.  Our goal for your athlete is to prepare them to be a better athlete after injury.

ACL Bridge Programs

The  ACL Bridge program is a specific program designed for patients recovering from knee injuries or ACL surgery.  For maximum benefit, the patient needs to train 3 times per week for a total of 26 sessions.  Each one hour session is designed to focus on patient strength, agility, speed, and recovery.  During the  ACL Bridge program, each patient will train by using a forwards and backwards treadmill and plyometrics.  The program also includes a dynamic warm-up specific to the flexibility of the hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors.

In the first session, the athlete is required to perform a pre-evaluation which includes a 3PQ test to measure the strength of each leg.  These results are recorded and saved to compare with a patients post evaluation (3PQ and strength).

The goal of the  ACL Bridge program is for the patient to develop a significant improvement in strength and stability in their operated leg and that they can maintain that improvement throughout ADL’S and/or while playing other sports.


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