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All of you at Body Max Acceleration are very dear to us. You have become the older brothers and sisters to Liz and Nick and they love you and look up to you as if you truly were their siblings.

When Liz and Nick were very young, we used to worry about future bad influences and their ever-so-scary "teenage years". We knew from the experiences of many other people that we, and the parents, are the least likely to be able to get through to them if they started to stray. We were taught by very wise friends to "pray for the stranger", to pray for that someone who would be able to connect with them and make a real and positive difference in their lives. You are the stranger that we prayed for and for that we will be eternally grateful. We know now that because of their association with you, their adulthoods will be founded on the bedrock if intelligence, kindness, humor, education and physical fitness – all attributes they see in you.

-Howard and Chris Czapla

"Bodymax has provided the necessary skills to excel in competition. The training provides the confidence and ability to separate the great athletes from others. If an athlete truly wants to go beyond their comfort zone, dedicate time at Bodymax."

 - Jack Acosta, father of Bodymax athletes Drew, Ryan, and Victoria.

"Working out at BodyMax has helped me to become a better all-around athlete. I am quicker and more explosive through my training here. My workouts have helped to push me to my limits. The trainers understand what it takes to maximize my athletic potential. They are open to work with me on what I feel I need to improve on, and do a great job of customizing a workout to my specific sport. As a basketball player, athleticism is very important, and BodyMax has helped me to get to where I want to be to compete and be successful at a high level of competition."

- Chris Schlatter, Washington State University

"Thanks for everything. You trained me right....Fo Sho!!"

– Richard Seigler, San Francisco 49'ers

"Bodymax is on top of the Game!"

- Justin Andrade, PRCA Champion Bull Rider

"Bodymax is #1"

- Aaron Zeff, Israel 1 Bobsled Pilot

"Bodymax unleashes the potential to make good athletes great."

- Jeff Pick, Professional Pitching Instructor

"You have a really nice environment at Bodymax. Each person is nicer than the other. Everyone involved, from the employees to the athletes involved in the program seems so psyched to be there. It is a great positive feeling"

- Jennifer Cory, mother of 13 year old champion climber Scott Cory

"I highly recommend Bodymax to all of my soccer players. The Bodymax team is very professional and understand the needs of their athletes, especially soccer players. They push the athletes away from their comfort zone to reach their maximal potential."

- Philippe Blin, Director of Coaching for the Pleasanton RAGE Soccer Club

Dear Bodymax,

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you provided me through the Bodymax Acceleration Program. The class was amazing, as were the results. After barely qualifying for the North Coast Section Finals my junior year, I went through your eight-week program in the off-season. In my senior year at California High, I finished fourth place in NCS in the 400m dash and anchored the championship 4x400m team, advancing to the State Championships in both events.

I feel that much of my success came from the added quickness and speed I gained through the acceleration program. I have lifted weights for years, but having a specially tailored workout regimen really helped focus my work on the most important areas. The weight workouts did not compare to the treadmills, which (when I could still stand afterwards) bumped up my top speed by leaps and bounds. The staff was so knowledgeable and great to work with, creating an environment where I felt comfortable enough to focus solely on my training.

Even though I completed your Acceleration Program over a year ago, the physical and mental benefits I gained are still with me today. In fact, with the help of Bodymax and a very successful senior track season, I earned a spot as a sprinter on the UCLA Track and Field Team. The training discipline I gained through Bodymax helped prepare me for the rigors of my workout schedule at one of the top collegiate track programs in the country. Even beyond track, I am a firm believer that my increased confidence and hardened work ethic have helped me to earn a 4.0 GPA in my first quarter as an engineering student at UCLA.

Thank you for everything you and the rest of the Bodymax crew have done for me. Keep up the good work and keep producing more stellar athletes. I want some good competition to run against in the future.


Michael Elbogen

Dear BodyMax,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for everything you've done for me. Over the past few years I've seen myself become stronger, faster, and more mentally determined than I have ever been. You've pushed me to become my best and encouraged me to take it upon myself to do the same thing outside Bodymax. I know that I'll do well at Princeton in part because of all the time you've given me. You've always expected a lot from me and because of that, I've grown to expect a lot from myself. I'll never settle for satisfactory when I know I can excel and I owe a lot of that to you. I want to wish you the best of luck with everything and I'll be in the day I get back for Christmas. Thanks again for everything and I'll see you in a few short months.

- Ashley Beyers, Princeton University

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